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Antique Tractor pull

The Antique Tractor Pull is for all exhibitors, if insured.  There are many classes for this pull, i.e. 3500 lb Class, 4500 lb class, 5500 lb class, 6500 lb class, 7500 lb class, 9500 lb class, 10500 lb class and 10500 + lb class. 




  1. NO TRACTOR SHALL BE LEFT UNATTENDED WHILE RUNNING! Any tractors found running while unattended will, at the discretion of the officials, be shut off, and the operator disqualified.
  2. Excessive wheelies will be cause for disqualification.
  3. Tractors pullers are encouraged to have properly constructed wheelie bars. Wheelie bars must support the tractor at its heaviest weight pulled. Pads to be no smaller than 5" x 5" x ¼". Front edge of pad can be no further forward than rear most portion of the tire. Pads must be no more than 10" from the ground, minimum of 20" from outside of one pad to another.
  4. Tractors are encouraged to have a ‘dead-man’ kill switch that can be attached to the pulling sled.
  5. A speed limit of 5.5mph, will be in force. A marker will be placed at the 100’ mark. A horn will blow if the speed exceeds 5.5 pmh. If the tractor exceeds 5.5mph after the front of the sled has passed the 100’ mark, the tractor will be flagged and disqualified..
  6. Engine RPM’s will be no more than 30% over stock RPM’s, as set out on the attached chart. If a tractor is not listed on the attached list, and any issue arises as to factory RPM’s, then the operator of the tractor MUST provide documentation to the satisfaction of the track officials, as to stock RPM’s. Notwithstanding the limits above, no tractor, regardless of stock RPM’s or the normal 30% cap will be allowed to rev at more than 3000RPMS.
  7. Tractors must be substantially stock-appearing.
  8. Tractors must use original rigid drawbars. Swinging drawbars are not required if they were an option.
  9. A "D" hitching plate or clevis must be used, and may, at the option of the puller, be fastened either to the rigid drawbar or the swinging drawbar.
  10. The drawbar height, measured at the hitching point, may be no more than 20".
  11. PTO's and belt pulleys may be removed, provided that original equipment covers or reasonable replacements are used in their place.
  12. Tractor must be operated in a safe manner at all times.
  13. No consumption of alcoholic beverages in the track or pit area either before or during the contest. If a track official believes any driver to be a potential safety hazard because of such consumption, or for any other reason, such driver will be barred from the contest.
  14. Tractor must be stopped immediately upon signal from the track officials. The pull shall be considered over when forward motion of the sled stops.
  15. All tractors must be in neutral or park while being hooked and unhooked.
  16. No riders permitted on tractor while in motion or engine is running.
  17. Violation of any rule shall constitute a disqualification.
  18. Contest to be governed by judge or judges with all decisions final.
  19. All drivers must be 18 years old.
  20. All drivers must sign a waiver of liability and confirmation of liability coverage prior to pulling.
  21. Depending on pull sled being used, drivers are required to wear a helmet of a minimum DOT rating. Drivers are encouraged to wear a helmet regardless of sled being used.
  1. Provided that scales are available, all tractors will weigh in and be placed in the appropriate weight class. 100lbs grace will be allowed.
  2. If scales are not available, the owner of each tractor is required to submit the weight of the tractor, inclusive of the weight of the operator. If the judges, in their sole discretion, believe the tractor to be appropriately in a different weight class, then the tractor will be moved to that class, unless the owner provides conclusive proof as to the actual weight of their tractor with operator. It will not be sufficient to provide the shipping weight of that model of tractor, as this does not account for fluids, optional equipment or the weight of the operator.
  3. Each entrant will be required to provide proof of insurance and complete and sign the “Antique Tractor Pull Entry Form”. By signing the said form, the operator acknowledges that the Club and Track officials ARE NOT LIABLE for any damage or personal injury that occurs as a result of any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to damages or personal injury caused as a result of the operator choosing a weight class not appropriate to the tractor.
  4. At the discretion of the Track Officials, tractors may be entered in up to three separate weight classes. Also at the discretion of the Track Officials, tractor may be operated by more than one operator in each weight class.
  5. Number one puller will be test puller except in pull off, and may accept pull if weight machine is ok or he/she may pull in third position. If weight machine needs further adjustment, first puller after each adjustment will be treated as number one puller. All decisions on re-pulls must be made before tractor in question is unhooked from sled.
  6. Pulls will be started by the Hook-up person, and after starting, the operator shall obey the decisions of the Flagman.
  7. All pulls must start with a tight hitch. No jerking permitted. Contestant will be allowed two (2) consecutive attempts and 50 feet to start the sled.
  8. Driver must remain seated and signal that tractor is out of gear when hitching and unhitching from pulling device. Driver must remain seated during pull. Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand brakes, hand clutch, torque amplifier lever or throttle at all times during the pull.

9. Weights may be added in a safe and secure manner. No weights may be located behind the centre of the rear axle, except properly fastened and located wheel weights, unless the tractor is equipped with proper wheelie bars as set out above . No weight frame or weight may extend more than 24" beyond the most forward point of tractor. Any ballast or external parts lost while hooked to the sled will be cause for disqualification.

10. No loose weights are permitted on the operator platform, or any other location on the tractor

11. Driver must obey signals from track officials and flagmen.

12. Each puller who wins their class has the option of pulling in the next heavier weight class, provided that the heavier weight class has not yet completed pulling.

13. Any tractor going out of bounds shall be red-flagged when the front wheel of the tractor touches the out-of-bounds mark, and the measurement shall be taken at that point.

14. The use of torque amplifiers, automatic shifts, etc, will be permitted, provided that the forward motion of the tractor never stops.

15. Excessive loss of liquid by a tractor while in forward motion during contest on the track will be cause for disqualification, unless due to internal breakage.

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