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If you have come and enjoyed our show and wish to join our club while there, you can come and see Angela at Headquarters. She can inform you of your choices. Since our year is November to November, if you join at the show you would be wise to join for the following year at the same time, then you can renew your membership at future shows. Your membership assures that you will receive your newsletter, ribbon, membership card and participation plaque. If you do not have your membership paid up when you come through the gates then you will have to pay admission. If you are a first-time member you willn't n have voting rights.

Membership Prices 

New Memberships:  $30.00 

Regular Memberships:  $25.00

Junior Membership (up to 17 years old):  $ 5.00

Membership Payment

Paying your membership by E-Transfer is now available!

Please send dues to:   

Also able to pay by Cheque and cash. 

Chairperson: Angela Longhurst (Phone:  905-715-3969) or (Email:


Membership Registry Form:  registration form


Newsletter information posted soon.


October 28th, 2023 at 6:30pm in Baxter at the Living Faith Presbyterian Church. This event is  for members only, tickets costing $25.00. 

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